Mini-Movie Icons

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Hello and Welcome to Mini-Movie Icons!

Rules & Guidelines
    1. Mini-movie icons ONLY, please.
    Every post must contain a mini-movie icon. A mini-movie icon consists of a still background image with a smaller moving animation. All animated icons are not included.

    2. All icons must fit LiveJournal requirements.
    Icons must be no larger than 100x100 and 40KB

    3. Use LJ-cuts for 3+ icons.
    To learn how to make a lj-cut, click here. Up to three sample icons are permitted before the cut.

    4. No spam, unrelated posts, or flame wars.
    If you would like to promote your community, please contact one of the mods.

    5. Cross-post no more than twice. It annoys members of multiple communities.
    Cross-posting consists of multiple posts of the same content to several different communities.

    6. If the icon creator requests credit, credit your icons. Members will be banned for icon theft.
    Credit is generally given by including the creator's name in your icon keywords.

    7. This is a PG-rated community. LJ-cut any graphics that may be considered adult, and do not use adult rated icons when posting to this community.

    8. If you would like to request an icon, please do so here.
    In an effort to reduce excessive "request" posts in yor friendslist, we have created a separate community to act as an archive:



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